3rd Batch new investment!

WE proudly announce that 2nd investment in 3rd batch (2018) was done.

Best Beer Japan

Best Beer Japan will be the great evangelist of Japanese craft beer. In Japan, beer brew regulation and taxation were changed recently to favor for small and local brewers. Now, micro and craft beer brewers are increasing rapidly. However, most of breweries don’t have enough resource for marketing. Best Beer Japan will help Japanese Craft beer breweries. Founder Peter Rothenberg is an former Tech in Asia editor, and also a serial entrepreneur. He has great talent for branding and developing business. He will strike Japanese craft beer space and explore new wave of beer.



Best Beer Japan社は近年税制改正や総量規制緩和にて、広がり続けるクラフトビール業界を助けながら、JAPANESE CRAFT BEERを世界に発信していきます。


創業者のPETER ROTHENBERG氏は元TECH IN ASIAの日本編集者であり、イベント運営にかかわった実績から、ブランディングやマーケティングに精通しており、また本人も数年前にバイアウトしたアプリメーカーの創業者であり、シリアルアントレプレナーです。