Our Mission & Works


We are looking for passionate entrepreneurs!!

AS-accelerator では新しいスキームで、起業を目指す方を応援します。

We support entrepreneurs through our new business model.


Nowadays, Japanese big companies that traditionally dominated the market are struggling in the current economic context. Their products have excellent quality and great potential, but they often lag behind foreign main players because of miss matched demand, design or other factors not related to product itself. The Japanese big players are falling into an INNOVATOR’S DILEMMA (Christensen). They could lead their industries with the experience accumulated and skills accumulated over the decade, to cultivate increase quality and cost efficiency. However, under changing market that is being constantly disputed by innovation, the evolving rules demand for equally ingenious response.


To escape the innovator’s dilemma, we should start  moving toward the exploration of new, disruptive ideas that make a difference. I believe the movement should not be only by entrepreneurs but also by the traditional Japanese firms. To create such environment, we must get our hand on the growing wave of entrepreneurial minds that seek to start up.


When people challenge themselves to create something new, they accelerate Japanese innovation and lay the path for economic growth.


AS-ACCELERATOR is what Japanese business structure needs to evolve into an innovative workground by supporting seed level start-uppers. An increasing number of entrepreneurs founding start-ups contribute to the diversification of the market. That environment forms a new social structure to accelerate Japanese Innovation!

事業内容 Our Business 

  • エンジェルインベストメント Angel investment
  • 新規事業のアウトソーシング事業 (起業家コラボレートプロジェクト) product development Outsourcing project
  • コワーキングスペースの提供 Co-working space