5th & 6th batch investment

In 2020, still we are working on, but Covid-19 pandemic changed world. we lost many opportunities to meet up some founders, members, and investor in face to face. I felt still in japan, there are quite weak network for startups community.

However, founders are there and startups are there. luckily, I met some founders and made investment, but we lost much communication with startup networks.

we did invest 3 startups in 2020, 5th batch.


Academic Data base sharing and closed social network service. It will be slack or Teams for academia. Data, paper, discussion, and more, academia can share all communication in this service. Also many useful options are included. automatic citations, bibliography search, etc  specialized for academia.



Security camera with AI technology. avoid human eye from security camera, so everyone can set camera everywhere even in some specific place with privacy. Only emergency or criminal matters are happened, person in charge can unlock the crypto to open the data. They have great advantage of AI engine and good network for produce high quality camera in economy price.


And Africa

Smart locker service in south Africa. Digital device penetrate quite quick in african countries, but old infrastructures are quite obsolete. And Africa will solve big problem of courier service in south Africa. Not like Japan or other other western countries, there are few courier service to deliver home, so they introduce smart lockers. So people can store, receive, and send through this locker.


6th batch


Speech recognition for doctors and medical staff. It is very hard work load for doctors or medical staff to jot down all info into carte. Especially, doctor who visit home for elder patience, they have no time to write due to transportation. their service can save doctors time with speech recognition service specialized for medical usage. 


and more….

hope all people are safe and recovery from this Covid-19 crisis.