2nd Batch Investment4

We proudly announce that we invested to Core K.K.

Core K.K. is a cyber security service provider. Recently, cyber security is getting more crucial point for companies. Cyber security is not only digital matter, but also physical matter. Even a stranger breaks into your server room or steal data storage computer, it is also connect to cyber crime. Thus, now, Companies should manage and guard there threats. To manage the threats, companies have to have strategy, system, and human resource. Core can provide total solution for cyber security.

Founder Wayne Shaw has long experiences of security both cyber and physical. He is developing best system for Cyber security.


Core株式会社はセキュリティ分野に長くかかわり、高いエクスパティを持つWAYNE SHAW氏によって設立されました。近年、サイバーセキュリティ―は企業の喫緊の課題であり、その領域は単にデジタルなIT分野だけにとどまらず、入退室から社内不正までに及んでいます。このような多岐にわたるセキュリティー管理を包括的に行うシステムは画期的であり、戦略からシステムフローの構築、セキュリティ人材の育成までトータルに提供します。