Tech In Asia, Startupworldcup, Ceatec, Stripe

I’ve been missing chance to write blog since summer.

Climate is getting change turning into fall, but it was hot day yesterday. I wore suit since oct 1st, but i couldn’t stand to wear jacket and tie.

anyway, I have visited Tech In Asia, Ceatec, and Strie launching party.

Tech In Asia;

it has longer history compare with Pioneers Asia and Slush Asia. I visited several start-up exhibition event. Bigger than Pioneers and smaller than Slush. Start-up booth is diversified. mostly IOT start-uppers were there.

500 startup stage chat was great. really impressed. invest 500 startups then some of them will be unicorns. they don’t ignore even small and foolish idea to sprout. it is good idea to develop and enhance  our  strategy.

dsc_2824 dsc_2819

Startupworldcup by Fenox;

It was held a part of ADTECH tokyo 2016. In Tokyo Int’l Forum.

over 2000 seats, huge stage for only pitching contest. it is qualifying contest for Final in SanFrancisco nest year.

I participated as a Volunteer staff. I work at time keeper job beside stage, so it was great experience to watch such a big pitching show nearby. I learned a lots of thing to run the pitching event. I hope AS-Accelerator can manage a pitch contest near future.

qualified Finalist was “Unifa.” Communication technology between parents and children when they are separated (in kindergarten or preschool)

dsc_2952 dsc_2951


Ceatec Japan 2016;

It was used to be an event of consumer electronics, so before electronics giants just showed washing machine, TV, ricecooker, or so on. but from this year, Ceatec change concept to IOT. So that, i could see lots of new tech usually big firms don’t show till final products come out.

In Makuhari Messe, huge exhibition hall, for 4 days. I was impressed there are several startups who had big space for their booth. startup firms are getting new stream of Japanese economy.


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Stripe Launching party;

Stripe launched products in Japan yesterday. collaborate with SMCC (Sumitomo Mitsui Credit Card)

they started as payment solution fintech, but now their products are expanding to form e-commerce platform. It has good UI. and API is good to fit many additional gadget like Amazon Echo.

they also have already multi currency platform, so customer can start cross boarder EC quickly.

It will be important points for recent trend.

It was held in Omotesando nice gallery space. branding and marketing strategy is also great.

I also learned a lots from the event, and i could see many startuppers.


dsc_3023 dsc_3024 dsc_3023