Tupac Bio got Open Network Lab Accelerator Program!!

We proudly announce our start-up “Tupac.bio” got Open Network Lab Accelerator Program.

This accelerator program is owned by Digital Garage Inc which is successful company in ICT industry. They launched twitter and FB in Japan. DG inc has investment arm as Open Network Lab.

Tupac is nominated as 12th accelerator program team. Tupac will have support from ONL for 3 month to develop own product.

ONL has brilliant track record of accelerating start-ups. Some famous Start-up firms came from this program.

Tupac Bio : Open Network Lab アクセラレータープログラム獲得

AS-ACCELERATOR第一期投資先であるTupac Bio が Open Network Lab による第12期アクセラレータープログラムを獲得しました。