New Investment in 3rd batch.

We proudly announce that we invested to K.K. ASTINA who developing automatic cloth folding home appliance “Indone

第3Batch 4社目の投資を行いました。株式会社ASTINA 自動で衣服を折りたたんでくれる家電INDONEを企画、開発、販売するスタートアップです。


Indone Movie



Washing machine, Dish washer, robot vacuum, etc… evolution of Home Appliance is rapidly growing last decade. Now, house keeping works are getting ease, but folding cloths. still you must folding the cloths after washing. No home appliance can solve this pain point. Astina tackle this issue to solve. They developing auto cloth folding machine “indone” It is new wave of home appliance evolution.

Astina release Demo machine at 2018 Ceatec Japan.